How to get an offer on your home!

Posted By Lindsay Faircloth @ Jan 8th 2013 10:34am In: posts for buyers and sellers

The Myrtle Beach real estate market is alive and kicking. Our inventory is lower than it has been in 10 years, yet some sellers are still feeling the frustration of a down market. Here are 10 helpful tips to get your home from listed to SOLD!

  1. Create a nice entryway! If you have that "wow" factor going on when potential buyers walk through the door, they will be excited to see the rest of your home.
  2. Hardwood Floors are in high demand! If you have hardwood floors, don't cover them up! These types of flooring are in high demand and homes with hardwoods will typically sell faster and at a higher sales price.
  3. Fabulous fixtures! If your bathroom or kitchen has average fixtures, your home will appear average. Spend a bit and replace older fixtures with modern ones. Even if they're not high end, an updated shining faucet always shows better than an old one with water build up.
  4. Baths sell the home! Kitchens and baths, you've heard it before, they sell the house. Be sure that your bathroom is updated, clean and decorated to create a spa like feeling.
  5. Counter tops! Sold surface counters are in high demand but that doesn't mean granite is your only choice. There are many different kinds of solid surface counters that will give your kitchen a facelift.
  6. Modernize your appliances. This is one of the first things that buyers notice. Even though they are buying a house, appliance that need to be replaced equate to money off of your sales price. Stainless steel is always a safe bet.
  7. Organize! If your closet is a mess it will appear as though there is not enough storage in your home. Be sure each closet is neat and clean.
  8. Light it up! Dark rooms appear small upon view so be sure your home has a bright airy feel to it. That doesn't mean dull and boring. Color is your friend but be sure that it gives a nice open feeling and add lighting to dark corners to make each inch of your home look functional.
  9. Built Ins. Organization and space are key to buyers and built in storage is always a bonus, whether it is a closet organizational system or built in shelving units in the living room.
  10. Curb Appeal. I can not stress this enough. This is the literal first impression to buyers. Be sure you have great lighting, clean lines and well kept landscaping. No peeling pain, burnt out bulbs or piles of yard work to do. This all gives the feeling that the home needs work and that means less money for you in the end.

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